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Christmas -New Year celebrations of KMRM and family gathering - BETHLEHEM NIGHT -2019 was held at Carmel Indian School, Khaitan, Kuwait on Friday ,25th January 2019. More than 800 family members gathered to share their unity and happiness.

The family get together started with a public meeting presided by Mr. Jacob Thomas, President-KMRM. The gathering was welcomed by Mr.Liju Parakkel, General Secretary and was inaugurated by Chief Guest Hon. Mr. Hameed Mohammed Jasim Al- Mutawaa, Chairman- Kuwait India Cultural & Arts Society by lighting the lamp

Rev.Fr.BinoyKochukarikathil, Spiritual Director-KMRM gave the Introductory Blessings. The presence of Rev. Fr. Johny Lonis, Episcopal Vicar of Syro Malabar and Carmel School Principal Sr. M. Violette A.C was a great blessing and honor to the Malankara Community.

Mr.George Thomas, Advisory Board Chairman and Mr. Babuji Bathery, General Convener of Silver Jubilee year, felicitated the function.Mr. Biju George, Program Convener gave an appreciation to Jacob Thomas, President- KMRM at his 60th Birthday. KMCA President Mr.Daison, MCFF Headmaster Mr. Koshy Mulamootil, MCYM Convener Mr. Lince John, FOM Convener Mrs. Rekha Mathew, Baladeepam Convener Mr. Darin. K. Shaji were present.

Mr. Santhosh. P. Antony, Treasurer- KMRM gave vote of thanks.

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The new Faith Formation Study center for the Malankara Catholic Faith Formation was inaugurated at KMRM- Salmiya Area ( St. Chavara Hall- Dana Auditorium) by Rev. Fr. Binoy Kochukarikkathil on 18th January 2019 at 8.30am.KMRM officials,parish council members,teachers & parents were present during the function.The Faith Formation coordinator there will be Mrs.Bindu George (97125646), Class Timing- Every Friday from 8.30am to 10.30am.

KMRM extends their warm wishes to Teachers and students of MCFF Salmiya

First Prayer Meetings- Ahmadi Area

After the division of Ahmadi area,prayer meetings resumed at both sectors ( Marymatha and Arabiamatha Prayer Groups) of Ahmadi area on 4th January 2019,Friday. Rev. Fr. Binoy Kochukarikathil was present.

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MCYM- KMRM team has won *FIRST* place, competing with 7 teams,in the YMCA Christmas Carol Singing Competition held on 4th January 2019 at Indian Community Senior School, Salmiya.

Lyrics by Mr. Babuji Bathery , Music composed by Mr. Mustafa Ambadi , keyboard by Mr. Solomon Jose Jacob and technical support by Mr. Rana Varghese.

Congrats to all the team members and God Bless.

Congratulations from Managing Committee

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MCYM Youth Cross Procession

As part of Golden Jubilee year of Malankara Catholic Youth Movement, the Jubilee Youth Cross procession in the region of Kuwait Malankara Rite Movement was inaugurated by Reverend Fr. Binoy Kochukkarikathil, Spiritual Director of KMRM and in the presence of Reverend Fr. Jojo Marppattu, Director of Potta Ashram was handed over the Jubilee Youth Cross to Mr. Lince John, Convener of MCYM-KMRM.

KMRM President Mr. Jacob Thomas MCYM handed over the MCYM Flag to Mr. Jinu Philip Kondoor, Joint Convener, MCYM.

Advisory Board Chairman Mr. George Thomas handed over MCYM Emblem to Mr. Varghese Baby, MCYM treasurer.

Former KMRM President Mr. K. O. John handed over the Jubilee logo to Mr. Jimmy Iducula, MCYM Animator.

KMRM General Secretary Mr. Liju Parakkel, Treasurer Mr. Santhosh. P. Antony were present during the ceremony

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Youth Cross Prayanam at Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi

As part of Golden Jubilee year of Malankara Catholic Youth Movement, the Jubilee Youth Cross prayanam in the region of Kuwait reached Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi on 1st January 2019 and was received by Reverend Fr. Binoy Kochukarikathil ,KMRM officials, Area leaders,Parish Council Members and Senior Members. Mr. Joby , MCYM Area Coordinator, Ahmadi Area welcomed everyone gathered. Reverend Fr. Binoy, A.E.Mathew(KMRM Joint Treasurer), Parish Council Member Adv. Shibu Jacob felicitated the occasion. Mr. James K.S,MCYM Area Coordinator, Ahmadi Area gave the vote of thanks.

Youth Cross Prayanam at St.Chavara Hall(Dana Auditorium), Salmiya

As part of Golden Jubilee year of Malankara Catholic Youth Movement, the Jubilee Youth Cross prayanam in the region of Kuwait reached St.Chavara Hall( Dana Auditorium on 31st December 2018 and was received by Reverend Fr. Binoy Kochukarikathil and KMRM officials ,Parish Council Members and Senior Members.Reverend Fr. Binoy,President Mr. Jacob Thomas, Treasurer Mr. Santhosh. P. Antony,Advisory Board Member Mr. George Mathew felicitated the occasion. Mr. Jinu Varghese,MCYM Joint Convener Mr. Jinu Philip gave the vote of thanks.


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Holy QURBONO Schedule

Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City

  • Every Thursday 7.00pm, Virgin Mary Hall

St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbassiya

  • Every Sunday 7.30pm, 1st Basement

  • Every Third Friday 5.00pm, 3rd Basement

St. Thérèse Parish, Salmiya

  • Every 1st Friday 7.00pm, Chavara Hall, Shaab

  • Every 2nd Monday 7.30pm

Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi

  • Every 3rd Friday 3.00pm

  • Every 2nd Monday 7.30pm

Syro Malankara Catholic Faith Formation (SMCFF)

11.30am to 1.30pm on every Fridays, Third Basement, St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbasiya.

8.00am to 9.30am on every Fridays, Our lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi.

Prayer Schedule


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