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September 2018

September 2018

1.09.2018 8 Days Nombu Begins
2.09.2018 IV Sunday after Transfiguration
5.09.2018 St. Theresa of Kolkata
8.09.2018 Nativity of Mary, Mother of God. 8 Days Nombu ends
9.09.2018 V Sunday after Transfiguration

September 2018

14.09.2018 Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
Season of Sleebo
16.09.2018 I Sunday after Sleebo
20.09.2018 The Syro Malankara Re-Union Day(1930).
23.09.2018 II Sunday after Sleebo
30.09.2018 III Sunday after Sleebo


Obituary 16.09.2018

Mr. Daniel Varghese (40) brother of Mr.Saji Varghese  [S150] Mary Matha Prayer Group Fahaheel, was called to heaven for his eternal reward on Saturday, 15th September 2018.

May his soul rest in peace. Funeral will be on later at St.Marys Malankara Catholic Church, Kumbaza.

KMRM express heartfelt condolence on his demise and pray to the almighty that his family may find solace in god.

Obituary 16.09.2018

Mr. K V. Koshy, 81 (father of late Shelly Koshy and uncle of Koshy Thykadavil [K019] and Suresh Varghese [S045] Parottukonam, Trivandrum passed away. Mr. KV. Koshy is a former member of KMRM.

Funeral was conducted in St.Marys Cathedral, Pattom. He worked as a coach in Kerala University and also has worked in Carmel School as a physical education teacher.

KMRM express heartfelt condolence on his demise and pray to the almighty that his family may find solace in god.

Obituary 13.09.2018

Mr. Jacob mathew (63) father of Mr.Bins Jacob, Mary Matha Prayer group, Fahaheel was called to heaven for his eternal reward on Thursday 13th September 2018.

May his soul rest in peace. Funeral will be on later at Malankara Catholic Church, Thelliyoor, Thiruvalla.

KMRM express heartfelt condolence on his demise and pray to the almighty that his family may find solace in god.

H.E Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios arrived 16.09.2018

H.E. Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios arrived Kuwait on a short visit for celebrating the Fest of Nativity of Mother God. KMRM Welcomed the Bishop at Kuwait International Airport at 7.45am, on Friday, 7th September 2018.

Bishop's Meetings with Prayer Groups 16.09.2018

H.E. Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios met different prayer groups. On Friday 7th September 2018, St. Johns, St. Marys, Shalom an St. Thomas prayer groups met the Bishop at third basement of St. Daniel Comboni Parish. Mari Ivanios prayer group met the Bishop, on Tuesday 11th September 2018 after the Holy Qurbono at Dana Basement. St. Pauls prayer group met the Bishop at Renji Joseph house on Tuesday, 11th September 2018. Mary Matha prayer group met the Bishop on Monday 10th September 2018, after the Holy Qurbono.

Friends of Mary, and MCYM also had meetings with the Bishop on Friday, 7th September 2018. Advisory Board met the Bishop on Friday, 7th September 2018.

Bishop also met Nurses Ministry and a talk with Night Vigil Prayer at Salmiya Parish.

Feast of Nativity of Mother of God 16.09.2018

Feast of Nativity of Mother God, celebrated at Holy Family Cathedral on Saturday 8th September 2018 by H.E. Most Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Anthonios, Bishop of Exarchate of St. Eprem, Khadki, India. 17 KMRM children received First Holy Communion from the Bishop on the same day.

  • Alona Sherin Mathew, Daughter of Sherin Mathews [S172] & Anish Sherin, St. Mary's Prayer Group.

  • Angel Mary Mathew, Daughter of Mathew Varghese [M021] & Philsitta Joseph, St. Mary's Prayer Group.

  • Aylin Miriam George, Daughter of Sajeev George [S002] & Sheena Varghese, Mary Matha Prayer Group.

  • Angela Sara Shalu, Daughter of Shalu John [S025] & Ruby Shalu, Mar Ivanios Prayer Group.

  • Angelina Sara Shaji, Daughter of Shaji Mathew [S022] & Jeena Shaji, Mar Ivanios Prayer Group.

  • Aingel Mariyam Koshy, Daughter of Koshy Baby [K030] & Beena Koshy, St. Thomas Prayer Group.

  • Ann Mary Thomas, Daughter of Thomas Abraham [T027] & Daisy Thomas, Mary Matha Prayer Group.

  • Cheryl Mary Chacko, Daughter of Chacko Baby Thuruthippallil [C003] & Bency Chacko, St. Johns Prayer Group.

  • Kezia Mariam Manoj. Daughter of Manoj T. Paul [M049] & Bindu Manoj, Mary Matha Prayer Group.

  • Allen C. Jomon, Son of Jomon Cherian [119] & Laly Jomon, Shalom Prayer Group.

  • Abel Thomas Mathew, Son of Arathu Easow Mathew [A001] & Darly Mathew, Mary Matha Prayer Group.

  • Bivin Poulose Varghese, Son of Varghese M. Paulose [V009] & Susan Varghese, St. Johns Prayer Group.

  • Christo Binoy, Son of Binoy K. Varghese [B018] & Bini Binoy, Mary Matha Prayer Group.

  • Melwin Manoj,Son of Manoj Varghese [M011] & Lija Manoj,Mary Matha Prayer Group.

  • Johan Sanil, & Joshua Sanil, Son of Sanil P. George [S046] & Anisha Philip, St. Thomas Prayer Group.

  • Riyan Tony, Son of Tony Joseph [T028] & Sible George, St. Marys Prayer Group.

Nercha Payasam served on the same day, as part of fest of nativity of Mother God.

Holy Qurbonos at different parishes 16.09.2018

The bishop celebrated Holy Qurbonos on following parishes.

  • Holy Qurbono at St. Daniel Comboni parish on 9th and 14th September 2018. 

  • Holy Qurbono at St. Theresa's parish on 11th September 2018.

  • Holy Qurbono at Our Lady of Arabia, Ahmadi parish on Sunday 9th September 2018.

  • Holy family Cathedral & Hall on 8th, and 13th September 2018 respectively.

Send of Meeting 16.09.2018

A send off Meeting was arranged at KMRM Office, before bishop return to India. KMRM gave a token of appreciation to the Bishop. Mr. Bittu Abraham, Jt. Treasurer handed over the token to the Bishop.

KMRM Membership Data 12.09.2018

Membership Data 2017-18 [Kindly note: The data is still on process. Any concerns please write to us kmrmweb@gmail.com within next 10Days. Final list will be posted here, after that date.

KMRM Ivania-2018  2.09.2018

Ivania 2018 (Season 4) Quiz Competition concluded on Friday, 31st August 2018 at United Indian School, Abbasiya. The following teams, and their respective team managers participated in that event. Rev. Fr. Sheen Thankalyam (Parasala Diocese) was the Quiz Master. Ivania-2018 (Season 4) was arranged by Jubilee Ecumenical committee. A technical team of 13 members colored the event on a high profile, and event turned out to a big event. Special thanks to jubilee ecumenical team, and their conveners.

1. St. Johns Prayer Group

Team Manager : Joseph K.George
• Varghese M.Paulose, • Mary Tinkoo, • Ritty Rebby Varghese

2. St. Marys Prayer Group.

Team Manager : Suresh P.John
• Sanu Anish, • Molly Fransis, • Varghese Mathew

3. Shalom Prayer Group

Team Manager : Biju George
• Babli Alfred, • Laly Biju, • Sini Sunil.

4. St.Thomas Prayer Group

Team Manager : Mini Thomas
• Aji Philip, • Mathai Samuel , • Beena Koshy

5. Mary Matha Prayer

Team Manager : Lija Manoj
• Minchu Vivek, • Nikhil John, • Anu Madhu.

The following teams won first, second and third prizes.

  • 1. St. Mary's Prayer Group (first prize)

  • 2. Shalom Prayer Group (second prize)

  • 3. St. Thomas Prayer Group (third prize)


  • Technical Team

Liju Parakkel,  Shaji George, Alex Varghese
Santhosh George, Mary Litty, Annie Koshy, Jacob Varghese
Jimmy Idicula, Joice Jimmy, Micky Gijo, Tinkoo Joy
Jacob Mathew, Rana Varghese

  • Officials

Rev. Fr. Binoy Kochukarikkathil
Rajan Mathew, Sunny Thomas, George Luey Powath
Sammon A.O, Babuji Bathery, Joseph K. Daniel

  • Quiz Master
    Rev. Fr. Sheen Thankalyam

Camp Visit with Visiting Priest 23.08.2018

Jubilee-Spiritual Team arranged a Labour Camp visit on Wednesday 22nd August 2018, with the visiting priest Rev.Fr. James Elanjickal. Prayer Group cordinators, committee members, and executives were also attended this event. It was a warm experience in arranging such an event as part of silver jubilee celebration of KMRM.

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Holy QURBONO Schedule

Every Thursday 07.00 pm
Virgin Mary Hall
Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City

Every Sunday 07.30 pm
St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbassiya

Every Third Friday 4.30pm at St. Daniel Comboni, 3rd basement.

First Friday of every month, 7.00pm
Chavara Hall, Shaab

 2nd Monday 07.30 pm
Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi

Every 3rd Friday 3.00pm
Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi

3rd Monday 07.30 pm
St. Thérèse Parish, Salmiya

Syro Malankara Faith Formation (SMFF)

11.30am to 1.30pm on every Fridays, Third Basement, St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbasiya.

Prayer Schedule


Syro-Malankara Holy MASS in English Part 1

Syro-Malankara Holy MASS in English Part 2

Syro-Malankara Holy MASS in English Part 3