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September  2015

1.09.2015 8 Days Nombu Begings
6.09.2015 V Sunday after Transfigurations
8.09.2015 Nativity of MAry, Mother of God, 8 Days Nombu Ends
KMRM Celebration- Pranam 2015
13.09.2015 VI Sunday after Transfiguration

September  2015

14.09.2015 Exaltation of the Holy Cross
 20.09.2015 I Sunday after Sleebo
 The Syro-Malankara re-union Day
 27.09.2015 II Sunday after Sleebo
 28.09.2015 Comm of Bishop Zacharias Mas Athanasios

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Farewell to Mr. E.George Babu and Mrs.Leena Rajeev 29.08.2015

Mr. Elazharathil George Babu [E001], St.Thomas Prayer Group, Abbasiya Sector 4 and Mrs.Leena Rajeev [M006], Mar Ivanios Prayer Group Salmiya, were relocated to Kerala. Rev.Dr. John Padipurackal presented token of appreciation to them, on behalf of KMRM on 13th August 2015.

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Mr. Elazharathil George Babu belongs St. John's Catholic Church, Elanjimel and Mrs.Leena Rajeeve beongs to St. Peters Malankara Church, Venmoney , both are under Mavelikkara Diocese.

Sri Geroge Mathew (President, KMRM) wished them success for their future life and extend KMRM’s best wishes.

Successful Completion of MAG GUEST – Quiz Competition 29.08.2015

The Syro-Malankara Catholic Church had decided to celebrate the Birth Centenary of its Second Metropolitan Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios in a magnificent way. The one year Centenary Celebration is planned not only to memorize the great Archbishop and to spread his ideology and message to humanity to the Kerala society especially to the younger generation. As part of the Centenary Celebration, the Syro Malankara Community in Kuwait (KMRM) will be organizing Program titled as PRANAMAM-2015, which will be held on 4 September 2015 @ 9.00 am at Carmel School. As part of PRANAMAM-2015, it has conducted a Quiz Competition “MAG-QUEST” for the Seven Prayer Groups of KMRM and for other Catholic Associations in Kuwait.

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The quiz competition held on Friday 21 August 2015 at St.Alphonsa Hall, Abbasiya Kuwait. The competition was giving its members a platform to prove their knowledge in the Bible and awareness of Kerala / Global Catholic Church.

Rev.Dr. John Padipurackal (KMRM, Spiritual Director) inaugurated the competition, and KMRM General Secretary Mrs.Sajitha Skaria welcomed the gathering. President Mr.Georege Mathew made the Presidential Address. General Convener Mr.Babuji Betheri, explained the intention of the competition and thank the members of other Catholic Associations for their participation. Mr.Jomon Cherian Vazhathara had given the felicitation and Mr.Jacob Varghese extend the vote of thanks. At the end of the competition, SMCA (Syro Malabar Catholic Association) team touched the fist position scoring with 116 points. KMRM (Kuwait Malankara Rite Movement) team succeeded the Second position with 86 points and the Third position received by KKCA (Kuwait Knanaya Cultural Association) with a score of 85 points.

Mr.Lince John has anchored the first session and by Mr.Babuji Bethery done the Second session. Winners will be presented with trophies, during the PRANAMAM-2015 (Archbishop Mar Gregorios Centenary Celebration) program which will be held on 4 September 2015.

Handing over of “Mangalya Swanthana Charity Fund” 29.08.2015

KMRM Charity Project for the year 2015 “ Mangalya Swanthana”, the charity Fund has been handed over to H.G Thomas Mar Koorilos, Metropolitan Archbishop of Thiruvalla.

In the auspicious meeting held at Marygiri Catholic Archeparchy of Thiruvalla, Bishop House Auditorium on 13 July 2015. KMRM President Mr.George Mathew (Bose) handed over the Cheque of Rs.10,00,001/- to H.G Thomas Mar Koorilos on behalf of Kuwait Malankara Rite Movement. KMRM Joint Treasurer Adv. Shibu Jacob welcomed the gathering. KMRM Spiritual Director Rev. Dr. John Padipurackal, addressed the gathering and express the pleasure of Kuwait Malankara Community towards this Program. During the speech of KMRM President Mr. George Mathew, he had enlighten the Managing Committee 2014-2015 interest towards this project and expressed his gratitude to all the Members and well-wishers of KMRM.

Highslide JS Highslide JS Highslide JSMr.Jomon Cherian , the Working Secretary KMRM, handed over the Cheque of Rs.25,000/- to H.G Thomas Mar Koorilos as the contribution towards the costume for the 10 nos. bridegroom. After receiving the Charity Fund, H.G Thomas Mar Koorilos, express the sincere thanks to KMRM and their members for the support extended to this charity project.

Many of the KMRM’s prominent members, former KMRM Presidents, General Secretaries and KMRM Returners Forum members with family were attended. Swanthwana Charity Convener Mr. Santhosh P. Antony delivered vote of thanks and the meeting was adjourned after the Group Photo session.

Inauguration of KMRM Returnees Forum 29.08.2015

On 13 July 2015, KMRM’s Returner’s Form officially inaugurated by H.G Thomas Mar Koorilos, Archbishop of Catholic Archeparchy of Thiruvalla. Spiritual Director Fr. John Padipurackal, KMRM President Mr. George Mathew (Bose), Coordinator Adv. Shibu Jacob, Working Secretary Mr. Jomon Cherian, former KMRM office bearers and KMRM Returnees members, many of the KMRMs prominent members with family were attended in the launching of KMRM Returnees Forum. Later Mr. Abraham Varghese (Sajan) and Mr. Thomas Kutty were elected as the Convener and Joint Convener of the forum respectively.

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Re-Union Celebration 23.08.2015

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CCL about Reunion Day 20.08.2015

CCL about Reunion Day [Malayalam]

Obituary 20.08.2015

Mr. Anish Abraham and his wife Viveena   [A041] St. Thomas's Prayer Group Sector 4 passed away on Wednesday, 20th August 2015. They passed away in a tragic accident at Cherthala, Kerala. He belongs to Malankara Catholic Church, Pandanad, Chengannur.


May their soul rest in peace! Funeral later.



KMRM express heartfelt condolence on their demise and pray to the Almighty that the bereaved family may find solace in God

Circular on Sunday School Day (en) 31.07.2015

Circular on Sunday School [English- pdf]

Pranam 2015 (updated) 27.07.2015

MAG-QUEST Competition Details [Malayalam- pdf]

MAG QUEST - Quiz Competition, as part of Mar Benedict Mar Gregorios Centenary Celebration in Kuwait - “Pranamam-2015”. Date : - 21 August 2015 (Friday) Time : 9.00 am Venue : St.Alphonza Hall (SMCA Hal) – Abbasiya (Basement Blazer Tailors Building, Opp.Mosque) MAG QUEST is a Bible based Quiz Competition, among the seven KMRM Prayer Groups, the winning team will be competing with Inter Catholic Association Teams in the Second Phase of the Competition. Obviously, this will be proud movement for KMRM, since this is first time we are conducting such a remarkable competition with the participation of other Catholic Community in Kuwait. While arranging such a competition, our ultimate intention is to commemorate Archbishop Benedict Mar Gregorios, the Second Metropolitan Archbishop of the Syro-Malankara Catholic Church and to transfer his ideology to our younger generation especially our children. We look forward your presence in the above event.

Anusmarana Yatra by Yuvajyothi 24.07.2015

Syro Malankara Catholic Youth in Kuwait (YUVAJYOTHI) organised the symbolic Anusmarana Yathra on the occassion of 62nd commemoration of Servant of God Arch Bishop Geevarghese Mar Ivanios on Thursday 16th July 2015. Hundreds of youth members wearing saffron shawls participated with devotion and prayers. Youth convener Roby Skaria with Vallikkurishu, Yuvajyothi committee member Aji Varghese with portrait of Daivadasan & Yuvajyothi committee member Nebu Kurien with catholic flag led the program which was coordinated by respective committee members.

The Anusmarana Yathra started at 04.30PM from St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbassiya after the Dhoopa Prarthana. Rev. Fr. Joseph George Sadhanam, the visiting priest blessed the vallikkurishu and passed to Fr. Albert (Acting parish priest St. Daniel Comboni) , Fr. Albert passed the blessed vallikkurishu to the Yuvajyothi convenor and officially inaugurated the pilgrimage , wishes the prayers to the pilgrims. Fr. Prakash passed the portrait of Daivadasan to the Aji Varghese and the Yuvajyothi Animator passed the Flag to Nebu Kurien. KMRM General Secretary- Sajitha skaria, KMRM EX – President George Thomas, MCLS Head Master Thomas Mammootil , FOM convenor Valsamma , Ex – Yuvajyothi convenor Jimmy Abraham , St. Daniel Comboni parish council members - Geevarhese and Sunny Thomas felicitated the pilgrims and honoured the vallikurish The pilgrims then moved to Ahmadi Lady of Arabia Church. Hundreds of people were there to receive it and Rev. Fr. Paul, Ex- KMRM president KO John, Mary Matha committee member Shinto Abraham, Parish Council member Madhu Philip, received the pilgrims. After the Dhoopaprarthana Rev. Fr. Paul wishes prayers to the pilgrims and Ex- KMRM president KO John felicitated the pilgrims and rendered the vote of thanks. Then the pilgrims moved towards Holy Family Cathedral and were received by Rev. Fr. Andrews, Fr. Joseph George Sadhanam , KMRM Vice- President – Georgekutty Lawrence , KMRM treasurer – KK Babu & KMRM officials. The pilgrim assembled in front of the grotto and after dopaprarthana the pilgrim moved to Virgin Mary Hall , Fr. Anderws wishes prayers to all pilgrim , Vice President felicitated the pilgrim and General secretary – Sajitha skaria rendered vote of thanks and was followed by sandhyaprarthana Holy Qurbono & Nercha Vilampu Fr. Joseph George was the celebrant , about 350 members was present for the Holy mass . Rev.

Fr. Joseph George Sadhanam appreciated the youth for the efforts to make the symbolic pilgrimage such an organised one. Thanks to all especially Rev. Fr. Joseph George Sadhanam for his full participation and prayerful blessings. Thanks to KMRM Managing committee members, Prayer coordinators & Youth Members in coordination the program. Thanks to Jose George who made arrangements in churches, Thanks to M J John for arranging the Choir. Special Thanks Gee Mathew , Sunny Thomas , Rajan Thottathil & Mr. Madhu Philip who coordinate with other parish priests . Thanks to Thomas John, Lince John and all other benefactors for neercha and all the Malankara Catholic Youth Members in Kuwait in actively participating the pilgrimage.

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Holy MASS Schedule

Every Thursday 07.00 pm
Virgin Mary Hall
Holy Family Cathedral, Kuwait City

Every Sundays 07.30 pm
St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbassiya

2nd Monday 07.30 pm
Our Lady of Arabia Parish, Ahmadi

3rd Monday 07.30 pm
St. Thérèse Parish, Salmiya

MCLS Schedule

2.00pm to 4.00pm on Two Fridays a month at St. Daniel Comboni Parish, Abbasiya.

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